Wasabi Movie directed by Gerard Krawczyk

How many of you have noticed that Nespresso coffee is not a couple of seasons old… and also connected to something else, other than just George Clooney.

I’m not a big fan of the latest, new and upcoming movies because most of them are… no comments 🙂 I do watch every once for a while, some classic ones, especially by French film director Gérard Krawczyk, which directed Taxi 2, 3 and 4 for example.

I’ve been painting until late last night and as a chill out option early morning, came across Wasabi movie on the Canal+ channel. After a while… I’ve noticed that there is Nespresso machine by Krups in the kitchen, as on the photo below.

I had no idea that nespresso as a brand is much older than I thought…

Cheers, Swav

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