Irish Pub, Abstract Expression No. 71 by Swav

All of us prefer places, where we can go with pleasure, enjoyment and curiosity…

One of those places for me is an Irish pub…

Irish pub from an abstract point of view is like extension of your own house, the atmosphere of which you can feel cozy, friendly, safe and playful around other people… who wants to spend this time with you in the open space of friendship, real connection and good craic.

In the first few seconds of walking into the pub, you can easily notice the feeling of it and also specific spirit, which is in the air, the spirit of conversation or connection as well. Somehow you can recognize with ease, if the place around you is matching your own preferences…

I created this piece of art after my favourite espresso macchiato and half pint of Guinness at the Mile Bush Pub…

Have a great day and remember about your favourite pub or space!


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11 thoughts on “Irish Pub, Abstract Expression No. 71 by Swav

        1. and also the moment of finding home is crucial, because without this feeling or a place we might ended up like a drifting boat on the ocean, but it’s just my perspective…

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        2. the moment of feeling lost because of no home is good also, because then we are curious and motivated to clear this subject out, and find out the real, true home or even our true nature 🙂 I’m curious about your draft chapter…


          1. Such an interesting article you wrote there, thank you so much for sharing. Indeed, home is creation and you said it beautifully. Home, it’s not just a physical place, but it’s embedded in the social relationships around us too. Home, it’s always right in front of us. And as the saying goes, home. It’s where the heart is.

            The first part of the chapter will deal with the subject of Moving, that is moving cities and why it’s a challenge. Then I plan to write about finding home(s), anchorage and feeling comfortable wherever we are. Then lastly, I’m planning on closing out the chapter with looking at the questions, “what do we take away from moving?” and “what do we hold on to over time?”

            It’s just a draft. Art can change. But it’s a start 🙂

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          2. Art is never the same twice, same as writing… I’d love to see the book written on an old typing machine some day, or at least this type of the end result on a piece of paper 🙂

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