Weekly photo challenge: Symbol

This week’s photo challenge is: Symbol, and here is my interpretation of it…

As you know symbols are everywhere, they are around us, they are part of the construct of this reality. The symbol is not just well know brand name or logo type, that you can think of… The symbol is something deeper, which connects an abstract with the meaning of it, the message behind painting for example. As an artist and painter I could write the story about discovery of my own painting style, which is based on abstract expression, but…

I’d like to take this opportunity to share something with you, which I’ve noticed over the last week…

Something, which is deep and simple also, and we are aware of it, especially during the time, when someone of your family or close to your heart is passed away. I don’t know why our bodies are made of water, but as we can think about it…

Water means life and without the water, there could be no life on this planet, no us, no food, no plants, no flowers and nature…… but more abstractly speaking, water is an asset, a specific breath of air that carries life through the number of days, during this life time… and as we look at it from this perspective, we might say… water is life and also the source of this being, that we call life itself.

Every experience of life is different, but both births and deaths are welcome. Every aspect of life has it’s own unique value, the presence of which we can touch ourselves on a deeper level or learn from the experience.

Water today was the main subject and point of my focus as well…

I can’t explain why, but somehow inspiration comes like that… by choosing the moment of flow unexpectedly. I did a nice, short walk heading for waterfalls, where water flows spontaneously and with joy. Not looking at all on the distance to rich the sea or the ocean. When, I look at life from the perspective of birth and death. I see water of life, the river of which someday will reach the ocean… the ocean of life, higher consciousness or the world of spirit… and at the same time our foot print that we leave behind us might become a symbol of which some generation will see the value of it, or not…

Have a wonderful day of your own discovery and inspiration,

from the heart of Ireland, Swav.

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Symbol

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  2. Thank you Swav for sharing such beautiful thoughts.This is a very insightful piece of work.

    As you said, the river that someday will reach the ocean … considering that more than 60 % of our body is composed of water, we are that river on our way to the sea of life.


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    1. As I guess you’ve seen the documentary about ‘Water Crystals’ by Dr. Masaru Emoto… and from the point of view on water, as conductive form of information, there’s even deeper form of conclusion about water, the flow of life and our foot print left behind for the next generation or the chapter of life 🙂 Have a great #Happy #Sunday Adrián…


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