International Poetry Competition 2015

I’ve just posted my Poem of Sailor (Part 1 and Part 2) for international poetry competition in 2015. I decided to send this hand written poem by regular post, which is an old school way of communication (gone, but not forgotten).

It’s great and interesting whenever the things in life are synchronized. The feeling of the river that flows effortlessly and smoothly is awesome.

New emails and connections makes sense to me and are very welcome… like the fresh air in the morning, just before I put my runners on to make that extra mile every day. My current score of the total distance of walking is 16,985 km.

I’ve made an intention 10 years ago to reach some day 25,000 km of total walking distance and today I’m closer than before. Every journey begins with a single step, this journey of walking of thousands of miles is still ongoing and changing its shape into different dimensions of self awareness.

I love it, I enjoy it… and currently googling about hiking places in Norway and Scotland, so if you can recommend some spots, just let me know below or send me an email, I will appreciate it 😉

Thanks a lot and have a great day, Swav

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