From the Notes: The Poem of Sailor (Part 1)

I’ve done pretty good distance of walking last week, including mountain walking and on the country side as well. The open space of surrounding area made me wondering about the journey of life, while bringing specific memories from the past adventures… I discovered Poets Cottage during the trip to the mountains, which is located roughly on the border of counties Offaly and Laois.

It’s no big deal, but in this village with not so many houses and facilities you can walk along the road with amazing quietness that surrounds you, because no one is there basically. It feels surreal and very calming still. The poets cottage wasn’t some fancy looking architecture, but surrounded by the old trees created specific atmosphere of calmness…

I’ve found my notes from the past, just before my other trip for a walking. This notepad from 2001 revealed some pretty good writing of mine, which I wasn’t aware of… Some of the pages are missing and looks old enough and frayed, but luckily enough this poem survived over the years. I wrote him many years ago, but this short and little poem has still a lot of value in itself…

The Poem of Sailor (Part I)

The beauty in your eyes…

is like the depth of the ocean, sprinkled with the trajectory of hope…

by which the sailor reaches his desired paradise on earth,

that he has been looking for…

Marynarz (Część I)

Piękno w twoich oczach, jest jak głębia oceanu… 

skropiona trajektorią nadzieii, 

po której Marynarz odnajduje upragniony raj na ziemii, 

którego poszukiwał…

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