On the streets of Berlin, #TenYearsAgo

This week’s theme of photo challenge @ The Daily Post on wordpress is: Ephemeral. I’ve found interesting photo from the trip to Berlin, 10 years ago… while being on the train, I took the capture of the surroundings and have found that, specific digital error or a bit of pixel noise showed up on four corners of that photo…

My interpretation of ‘ephemeral’ is dual… because on one side, as we can see in dictionary the meaning of the word could be something of short duration, transitory and lasting for a very short time, such as fashion trend for example 🙂 On the other side the memory of being in the train, which is transitory, visiting Berlin for a short duration on my birthday, ten years ago… will stay with me forever, inside the heart which is timeless and priceless.

The memory as the pixel of the whole story or agenda about life is built up of small puzzles of short duration and will transit with me over the time and space 🙂

To wrap up this blog post… I’ll say shortly: I Love Berlin, a vibrant city in the heart of Europe.

~ Cheers

* This blog post is also part of my ‘10 Years Ago‘ theme… If you want to join, simply publish some stuff on your blog, with the date of ten years ago, add pingback to this post and a hash tag of #TenYearsAgo, It’s just for fun and of course… I will  ping back to you 🙂

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8 thoughts on “On the streets of Berlin, #TenYearsAgo

  1. Berlin looks beautiful ten years ago. I’m sure it looks just as beautiful today, hope you get to visit it again soon. Love your interpretation of ephemeral. Life is indeed built up of small piece of puzzle, and it’s up to us to make the most of the pieces that we have and be thankful for where we are and what we’ve got 🙂

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    1. I’ve just read your article/post about the mountains… metaphorically speaking… the goat, a whole trip and the spirit of the mountain were connected together… speaking as a one messenger or provider of your own thoughts, feelings and reflections… I do a lot of hiking myself, so ‘tune in’ with nature is a well known factor for me… Your article reminded me about some of the talks, I used to have with Native Americans, while discovering the old paths of Arizona and Nevada. Keep well with the spirit of adventure and your fav. mountain as well, ~ Cheers


      1. Yes, it is something else to understand how so many cultures have this deep understanding of nature and adventure ~ how the two are intricately related. Cheers and safe travels!


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