Berlin parade as in the 90’s #LoveParade

Hi folks… As some of you might still remember the big events of Love Parade, organized once a year in the heart of Berlin City… If somehow you are not familiar with this kind of event and idea behind it, you can still have a bit of taste of what it is to be around thousands of electronic music lovers in one place…

A couple of days ago, I came across this website which stated that ‘The Train of Love‘ will be organized this year in Berlin (Start off @ 2 PM on 25th of July from Karl-Marx-Allee station). I’ll do my best to find out more about this event, so…

I will keep you posted, Cheers

Original blog post about this event (in German) is located on BLN FM website, here:

„Zug der Liebe” wird eine Techno-Parade wie in den 1990ern! (Update)

At the end of typing this blog post I thought that would be much more appropriate to finish in a specific way and old school atmosphere, so have a look on the video below and enjoy… 🙂

Video Credits:

FJAAK – a trio from Berlin that creates new tunes in a way of classic or old school remix style of tech, house, groovy banger tunes from the 90’s, well worth of checking…

The Train of Love, Berlin 25 July 2015
The Train of Love, Berlin 25 July 2015

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  1. Yes I remember the techno parades well! The US didn’t have them but I’d seen it on TV when I was traveling in Switzerland about 15 years ago!
    The video you posted took me back to the old days of clubbing! Thanks Swav!
    Happy weekend!

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