Coffee on Wednesday #Espresso

Hi guys, while I was driving down to town today… I saw a camera man on the right hand side beside hospital in Portlaoise. I’m not sure which television is that but he reminded me of my ‘camera man’ experience from the past.

When you look at this type of work from the distance, you might think about something that comes to your mind… it’s interesting and handy enough as well as depend on the weather, especially in Ireland.

I’ve got the idea for new series of blog posts, especially on wednesday’s, a mid week surge of energy and inspiration. This simple idea is called: Coffee for a stranger on Wednesday #Espresso

I’ve chosen single espresso macchiato from costa, because I like their taste, and this is not ‘a sponsored article’ 😉

It’s funny and exciting, when you come up to the stranger, someone that you don’t know and you ask…

Would you like a single espresso macchiato, fresh and ready to go ?

and then you see the expression on the face of this person, which is priceless.

If this person likes it, I say:

Happy Wednesday,

and I walk away with smile, it’s simple…

~ from the heart of Ireland,


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7 thoughts on “Coffee on Wednesday #Espresso

  1. Great idea! (Although, if I actually did that here, they’d probably say no. People are suspicious. We’ve all had “don’t take candy from a stranger” hammered into our heads. I can definitely offer to pay for their coffee, though!) 🙂

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