A piece of art from the heart of Ireland, Made in Laois

Hi guys,

It’s day 10 already of writing 101. Today’s assignment is to update your readers over a cup of coffee, a virtual one as I guess..

I used to do ‘coffee on Wednesday’s’ a while ago, which you can find here for example, but Friday sounds good to me as well..

I’ve been working on a few samples of my first product over the last few days, so I had no chance to keep up with most of assignments in the class.. but as most of you know blogging is great fun as long as you have enough time to do so. I love reading your comments, ideas and blog posts. Creativity is high every single day of writing 101 and most of the time it feels like, is pouring out of the nearest closet.. with creativity label on it.

Here is the update of my artistic work with the short story behind it:

I’ve just finished 2nd prototype of frame for modern, fresh and funky art work of my collection (previous prototype).

It’s oak, from the local source of wood here in Co. Laois, Ireland. I can call it:

Made in Laois or Made in Ireland, because it’s done by the artist from A to Z, including wood work and painting.

It’s a small sample of my style of expression, which I discovered year and a half ago..

Some of my friends would like to say, it’s made from the heart.. a piece of art from the heart of Ireland.

This is original art, not a copy or printed photo..

It’s hand made, and crafted with the use of basic tools, as in the past by the most skilled and famous craftsmen with some glossy finish.. which is a bridge that connects the past, the old days and great values with the bright future of modernity outlook.

It’s all done by myself, an artist and painter..

each piece of art with special intention..

Made with ♥ in Ireland

Have a great Friday!

~ Enjoy,

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