Weekly photo challenge: from every angle

Today’s photo challenge is: from every angle.

I do my best to capture every angle of the art works, paintings or a landscape for example. I don’t like typical photo settings or selfies, but I don’t reject them either…

Here are a few angles of the frame and postcard as well, which I finally finished…

I’d like to take this opportunity to say: Thank You!

for all your creative ideas and photos every week on Friday…

I should call this one,

Made with ♥ in Ireland

11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: from every angle

    1. Thank you very much… Yes it is, lot’s of love is needed along the way to finalize the dream of… a young boy within me 🙂

      Greetings from Ireland!

      How would you call this piece of art by the way ? the name or title…


      1. The kid in you…when we realise the kid in us, the more often we know how to have fun.

        Hmmm. That is a good question. I really am not good with names or titles…but to describe all of your works I’d see, as a collection I’d call it Art From The Heart.

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