Bring your wellies for Electric Picnic in Stradbally

This week’s photo challenge is: Connected.

Today is the day of Electric Picnic at least in the area around me… so here is my interpretation of this challenge:

Any festival that comes up to your mind, the memory and experience is connected to wellies, tent equipment and everything around good festival atmosphere incl. your best mates and friends…

If you’ve been on any big event in the past, you know yourself…

The wellies are always a big part of it, especially here in Ireland and UK…

Where most of the festivals are connected to rain as well, but as long as you have your favourite wellies with you… You are well prepared for just about anything!

If you are on Electric Picnic or any other party during this weekend… I’d like to wish you a great time… and

If you are still looking for the coolest and the most rockin’ wellies for Electric Picnic in Stradbally… look no further, because

Betty still have the last pair left… for one lucky happy owner!

Size: 5 (UK) 5,5 (US) 38 (EU)

Colour: navy / dark blue

Style: originally fabulous

Made in Portugal

It’s all on ebay here 🙂

#Wellies #Boots #ElectricPicnic #EP15

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