Writing 101: day one – I write because…

I’ve joined Writing 101 for the second time to finish some of my previous assignments.

I write because…

I fell in love to writing last summer by discovery of new ideas… and somehow writing, especially hand writing became my passion. I don’t know why really but whenever I feel the urge to write… It flows like the river, to reach the ocean of words, meanings and connections between then and now.

Writing letters and initiative of exchange letters is the best example of writing with the voice, that connects you to foreign pen pals around the world.

Writing is joy, writing is passion, writing is like surfing on the wave of inspired action…

Writing makes sense when your heart and mind is open, and doesn’t make sense at all when you are not ready to put the words down on paper or keyboard for example…

I love writing on canvas, piece of wood, paper block or even on the wall, which I call painting

I love the moment of writing on the back of each piece of art, in the form of special note for someone else…Β It’s priceless !

Have a great writing experience during Writing 101 challenge.

~ Swav

15 thoughts on “Writing 101: day one – I write because…

  1. “It flows like the river” What a beautiful and elegant way to put it, Swav. I can totally relate. There are times when I feel like writing, and times when I don’t. At the times when I don’t, I like to go out and see the world, and then get inspired. It’s a magical feeling when you feel the words pouring out of your heart and your being…you feel like you are unstoppable and can conquer the world πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ve got this conclusion right after reading your post.. Life is the mystery of unknown potential around the corner of which we might meet the lucky angel, or a friend for this life time πŸ™‚


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