On the Wave, Painting No. 7 by Swav

I painted this wave thinking of life, as a seasons, a journey with thousands of possibilities, choices, decisions and outcomes. Somehow, I reminded myself of the last trip to Barcelona with Betty. One day on the beach in Sitges (approximately 40 km from the centre of Barcelona, heading for Tarragona) dozens of Surfers came attracted by big waves. We used to watch them all surfing and noticed specific stages of preparation to go with the flow.

There was one bearded man around 30, who seems to know all about surfing. We watched this show from the perfect distance, and saw that, he was always first in noticing a big wave. His skills were outstanding of the crowd of other surfers. He seems to be focused on the right sign or element of the upcoming wave.

Since the last trip to Sicily I decided to travel by car even more. Other way I wouldn’t discover such a beautiful places, meet amazing people and experience a lot of adventure as well.

On The Wave, Painting No. 7 by Swav

#adventure #painting #byswav

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