Harmonization Meetup this Friday at 8PM

This Friday at 8 PM local time… Groups of like minded people will join together or on individual basis to take a few minutes of their time… to stop, think or meditate… or perform activity which creates a deep state of joy, love, and harmony within themselves… in what they do, from the heart, life’s passion or other way stated… something that they love to be doing.

Somehow this movement started by itself a couple of days ago in different places around the globe.

It’s not just about… Ukraine and Russia thing, it has a deeper meaning, which probably comes from the bottom of the heart, a human heart, I would say…

I started emailing last Saturday 1st of March, and so far got replies from friends and contacts in Russia, China, Korea, USA, UK, Spain, Germany and Poland, that they will join together by organizing meetups or on individual basis.

Mark from Berlin in Germany wrote:

” We will organize a meeting in our conscious and aware meditation center… to meditate on the light, love energy, freedom, peace, change of focus and energy flow or whatever we can to harmonize current situation…

Vielen Dank, mein Freund

John from LA in America wrote:

” As I have no idea about meditation… I will simply turn off the TV and radio for a while…

Thanks J.

Li from Drogheda, originally from China wrote:

” In our group of tai chi we meet together at 9 oc’lk, can’t do it at 8…

Thank you powerful friend 🙂

Andrei from Moscow in Russia wrote:

” We have a dance classes at this time, so will do some dance… they are very interested people in the group, so we will take our time and think of it, because we believe the spirit of our nation is complete opposite to current situation created by the media and situation…

Cпасибо, you are a man with big heart

JZ from South Korea will play the piano, a salsa class will be organized in Spain and online meditation in Poland at 8 PM local time

I will do painting, because this way creates a deep state of joy within me and flow of energy… and will think of peace and harmony of Ukraine’s land, Russia’s land and our Planet as a whole.

If you want to join this kind of initiative some other way, you can go for a walk, to clear your mind, organize a trip, meetup with friends, or do something that creates a feeling of joy, fun, an interest of, inspiration or curiosity about life.

Do it what you feel is right…

With love, peace and harmony, Swav

PS Pay it forward to your friends and contacts

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