The Bridge, Painting No. 12 by Swav

I was painting this piece of art thinking of what connects things together. Both sides, lands, concepts, ideas, etc. One thing is that the bridge could also be non physical. What I mean by that ? I thought about the bridge who connects two sides or two elements of thinking process.

Or.. by being a bridge, knows exactly what is needed, or what is the perfect ingredient of missing element.. other way stated.. What is the building block that makes everything visibly clear and possible to change.

One day I spoke with Jackie, a friend of mine about realization process and goal setting, inner drive and willingness to follow on dreams and desires. Some people could say.. intuitive kind of stuff, and they are close enough.

One thing in common is that energy which flows in specific direction by consciousness intention or change of attitude and focus.

We spoke for an hour already, when she said… I’m really good at goal setting but then..

As I noticed, she was great at starting things and also finishing, the only one thing she was struggling with was in the middle of the journey, between the start and finish point. Lost of drive, lost of interest, lost of focus.. Ups and downs and then amazing finish of projects. She’s a great Project Manager by the way…

I was so curious to discover what is it that she said is missing… Then we spoke about the skills, abilities, predispositions, preferences and finally about discovery of inner talent… and it turned out for her that the missing piece was much closer.. The bridge, which connects perfectly ‘What I want’ with ‘I know How’ in her own understanding.

Tá an lá go mór,

~ Enjoy, Swav

The Power of Change, Painting No. 12 by Swav

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