Weekly photo challenge: Mirror

Hi folks! @PhotoChallenge Class.. This Friday we are about to discover so many meanings of the word: Mirror.

It’s interesting when you are capturing someone or something in the mirror.. internal or external, but.. When you look at things from the perspective of the mirror without the mirror – is even better.. at least for your own, creative self. It might stimulate new neural-connections {neurons} within the brain.. or even create the bridge between two sides of your brain as well {metaphorically speaking} The most important part of it is that – you can always choose the way you look at things or reflect in your own, internal mirror.

Choose life..

Choose yourself..


Have fun @ElectricPicnic in Stradbally this year {2016}

Enjoy your weekend folks!

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

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4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Mirror

  1. Choose life, choose yourself. Wonderfully said. When we look at ourselves, it’s always a chance to look inside and see our potential. That always almost happens when we take the time and focus on being creative and doing art. Have a good day, Swab 😊

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