Weekly photo challenge: Frame

Frame is very interesting from the perspective of the word itself.

We can fame it or re-frame it the same sentence or chapter of your favourite book.. by doing this.. We are able to change the perspective for the reader. The same is with pictures, which are framed and hanged on the wall.

I love working on the project of my next frame.. made in Ireland – What do you love? Is it writing a book.. wood work or carpentry.. painting or decorating.. perhaps another activity, which can be framed within the standard meaning or not..

What keeps you alive, fulfilled and joyful?

What drives you in life?

You don’t have to reply to me.. but have some time.. to think about it.. for your own self.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Frame

  1. Very minimal, simple and clear frame, Swav. Love it. I like writing, and over the last year I like photography a lot too. Meaning is frames within each choice that we make. Best wishes to you 🙂

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