Creative Resume {C+V} for everyone with Leaving Certificate 2016

Hi folks!

I’ve been reading an article about Leaving Certificate Results 2016 in Ireland.. and followed the buzz on twitter as well. It’s a big step for everyone whose jumping to another stage of life, which is a work place or path of University. I spoke with a couple of folks and noticed the need of resume template..

I came up with the idea of..

Creative resume {C+V} with the digital link to an online version of resume, so every one with the smartphone in hands.. will be able to scan your #QR code and reach your online presentation.

You can use this idea in your life, or even {Copy+Paste} as long as you can do it yourself! because you learn within the process of creation 🙂

Enjoy your brand new chapter of life..

Trust your guts, imagination, logical perception or the voice within.. whatever works for you!

Keep well and drop me a line.. If you like the idea about rare chocolate {Creative Bar}

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

PS I might design a label for the Irish Whiskey next time 🙂

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