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I’ve made this blog post in reply to: London Stories @ Battersea Arts Centre.

I don’t know, if.. I can say that I used to live in London, Berlin or Henderson for example because.. The experience of living is connected in my mind with at least 2, 3 years of time. In this case of scenario, I can only say that I touched the Spirit of London.. at least from the music perspective of late 90’s and early 00’s.

Those days my life was all about the music, dance and clubbing as well. The rhythm of electronic sound was spreading through my veins of analogue era. Spinning the wheels of music with the use of turntable was the magic of life itself.. The sound of which the whole external world was disappearing in the blink of an eye..

The streets of music around were just about expression of the melody inside of me.. The joy within, which is like compass, while drifting through the ocean of life.. Big City life to be honest. I don’t know why I was dragged by the look of the city or hypnotized with specific attractiveness of the City Centre, but when you are in your 20’s.. fast moving world seems to be so attractive, so magical, so enjoyable.

And it was, my short time of stay in Soho, on Poland Street nearby the vinyl store, which as I guess is still there. I hope they survived.. all of this digital bubble or virtual era of all the social media tools, which are very useful, but also might be addictive.

So, the balance of life is the key we could end our conversation here, but..

I’d love to share my feedback about the touch of London from the perspective of time..

I was 20 back then and.. I’m nearly 40 now.. An artist and painter whose style of expression was born on the streets of life.. Different streets and corners of many locations.. I used to travel a lot, I was curious about the world outside of my home town.. I was planning the trips since my early childhood and then with the spirit of adventure, awaiting the first wave of inspiration to go.. go with the flow of inspired action, which is pushing you forward, upward and towards your deepest desires and goals in life..

When I think of London, specific music and rhythm is coming to my head.. it feels like Electric Picnic in Stradbally almost.. Unshaped, raw, spontaneous and wild during the night outs with the bunch of folks for clubbing.. as well as the calming breeze of air in the morning.. the river of life outside the river bank.. or some other quiet corner of Sunday morning. The moment of restoring your energy just by chilling out or relaxing with your best coffee in mind. I can’t remember so many tea rooms those days, but I’m sure they are now available more widely..

The music, which is in my blood of artistic self goes through every activity during the day.. conversation with stranger.. in the shop or during the class of creative painting..

If.. I could say one sentence about London.. would sounds like this: a vibrant, dynamic and also calming city, depend on your needs  – the city of lights, which follows your mood and preference of life.. so different to where I live today, but also so familiar with all the bits and pieces, which are important to me..

Enjoy exploring London on your own and have fun with it!

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

PS You can always say: Hi, from me.. to all the folks @ Phonica Record Store on 51 Poland St.

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  1. One day I hope to visit London to see how it is. You’re never too old or too young to be curious. I like music too and wish I could play an instrument. But I chose writing and timw does not permit 😀

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    1. Think about your writing as the music itself.. every single activity is connected with the melody within.. every single article is a small piece of the deeper story, which might one day become a book 🙂 Play your own music, and keep writing! Swav

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