Electric Picnic, Painting no. 79 by Swav

Happy Bank Holiday Monday folks!

I’ve just finished my latest painting, which is connected to music.. I don’t know why, but I prefer to paint music.. the melody within creation, inspiration flow or the rhythm of sound, which comes from outside.. I can paint musician, a band or a gig.. the event with plenty of energy captured on a piece of canvas, wood or even on the wall is something that comes to me naturally like breathing for example.. I don’t know which way to use it or direct this skill and ability, but the time will show, as I guess.

Let’s move on to the story of this one:

I started to paint something in my mind, and then moved on to the rhythm of music.. I usually paint on Sundays.. as part of painting retreat for myself. It’s a healing process and deep connection to who I am inside.. the creative self, the source of talent or something like that. If you are an artist, a painter, writer, musician or creator of any type of content.. online or off-line. You create first of all, because there is something inside you that wants to be expressed on medium, which is your preference..

Preferred way of expression.. natural ability or talent for example..

The music that comes from within is the story you share with your audience..

It doesn’t matter if the outcome is connected to music as a song for example.. there’s always a melody within.. the sound of nature, your own nature.. or at least the rhythm of who you want to become. The journey of which is pushing you through the boundaries of comfort zones.. internal stops or check points for yourself, to decide which way now or what do you really want from life..

Sometimes is easier to say than do it..

We’ve all heard.. you have to walk the talk.. to be respected, to be a valued member of society or community for example.. but what if the melody within is not so easy to understand..

What if, you don’t know.. what you really want from life.. and you can’t explain it..

You’d love to but you simply can not do it yet..

Well to get the answer you have to dig down within yourself..

To really get it, what’s in your nature..

The true nature within..

The music, a sample of which connects the dots of navigation.. or specific compass..

Your own voice within is the tool you need..

Keep well!

I gave this painting specific name of electric picnic, because is raw, unfinished, sometimes chaotic, beautiful, crazy.. but stable within the melody of creation.. The joy of life and expression of who we really are inside.. spontaneous.. or perhaps.. spontaneous combustion within the interest of the soul, spirit or mind as well.

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

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