What’s in your nature ?

When is the last time you enjoyed walking in the rain ? a feeling of air or… the breeze of fresh inspiration from your heart…

Is life around, in here or both of them…

What is the one thing that you appreciated today, discovered or have found about who you really are… and your true nature ?

What is it exactly that your heart is looking for, while seeking on the background of talks, conversations and all movement around…

Is it looking for it’s own nature, the place of origin, the source of being, living and acting spontaneously, naturally with joy of life…

Where is it exactly ? when you say, I’m here… where all there is begins to flow and plays the role of your dance of life…

Do you like dancing ?

I do,

I mean yes,

With love & gratitude,

from the heart of Ireland, Swav.

#WhatsInYourNature #AHugFromWithin

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