Portrait of Music, Painting No. 69 by Swav

Inspiration to create this piece of art came to me last Wednesday…

I was on the way back from the post office, where I posted 20 x 16 inch canvas to France.. somehow, music plays a big role in my life. It doesn’t really matter what type of music we are talking about, the most important part of music existence is to create movement.. the body, mind and soul moves in the rhythm of your own experience of life. The self, your own self.. knows deeply the melody, which can move the mountains within you, the river of life that flows through you spontaneously with joy…

This piece of art was created while listening to B-Side session on Deep FM radio from the Netherlands, Thank you guys for spinning the vinyl’s day and night! I appreciate it.. The sounds of music brought me into the space of inner music expression.. and that’s why, this piece of art is called: Portrait of music

One of the best moments of creation is.. writing a short story as a note on the back of canvas.. the words of inner wisdom or simply from the heart of an artist.. the message of which.. you can travel within your own perception of life..

Thank you..

Enjoy your day!

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)


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    1. Thank you… the passion for writing discovered last year perfectly fits into this type of art… the moment of putting some words on a piece of paper amaze me still. Good weekend to you too 🙂

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