Weekly photo challenge: Narrow

Very interesting theme of weekly photo challenge: narrow..

Last week, I decided to start off with the challenge fresh.. I mean to look at the meaning of word ‘narrow’ for example, from another perspective or at least something different.. and surprisingly enough.. discovered interesting angle of ‘narrow’ vision today! I was experimenting with horizontal and vertical captures of the same shots.. I’ve noticed that through showing your picture, photography or panorama oppositely shown. I mean horizontal instead of vertical and vice versa. We can capture another dimension for the viewer. Simply Amazing!

Good luck with your own discoveries.. weekly photo folks!

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (twitter)

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11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Narrow

  1. Love the collections of photos for this week’s challenge, Swav. Really like the sideways gravel road shot. Very creative and hope you didn’t fall on the ground getting the shot 😀 “horizontal or vertical…we capture another dimension” So well said, and I think that is how a lot of art is, and that is how art captures one’s attention…and heart too. Hope you are still enjoying summer 🙂

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    1. Weekly photo is usually challenging me to see.. much broader spectrum of the meaning.. it’s not just the word.. more like new angle of looking at the same subject.. I took this approach while painting over the weekend and created another type of image structure for modern art 🙂 Keep well.. it’s raining here, so the weather got backed to normal.. in Ireland at least!

      Electric Picnic, Painting no. 79 by Swav


    1. Thanks.. the trees are magical over there.. some of them comes from Himalayas.. while other ones from N. America and California.. Will publish another post about it 🙂

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