Driving home for mountain retreat #Walking

Weekly photo challenge: Cherry on top

The journey of interpretation starts with a single word forward..

Driving home for mountain retreat is the metaphor of looking after myself..

Home is the direction towards the mountains, which is on the water pump..

Retreat in my own understanding is equal = the cherry on top.. of ice cream for example. The meaning of which gives you an extra wings or the perfect view of your next step forward. We all have the challenges of life and uneasy moves to do as well.. but at the end of the day.. the time we spent with our own self is priceless. The touch of your own wisdom from within can heal the broken wings or fill the void in your heart.. We are life itself.. The source of creation or creativity comes from within also.. The things you create, the objects you desire, the stories you want to share.. All of them have the power of expression. Some might come from the mind, while other ones from the heart.. the body or soul’s desire.. The voice within, which is on your side all the time, whatever is happening around you externally.

The stillness or calmness within already..

The state of cherry on top is the moment of flow.. the melody within, whenever I feel the urge to paint, write or create with passion..

Enjoy your own moments of cherry on top during the weekend folks!

~ Cheers from Ireland, Swav @paintingsbyswav

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