The Emirates, Painting #Re-Blogging

I’ve just finished the last layer of glossy varnish on this canvas. This painting was on my wall for months before the final touch.. They all have to stood the test of time. I took this approach of old school photography from a friend of mine, and I like it..

I created this painting with deep spark of inspiration after mountain walking with Betty, at the local Slieve Bloom Mountains.. I love travels and the last trip to Barcelona and Sicily reminded me about important aspect of life, which is adventure. Curiosity to see the unknown and discovery of the world by the touch of your own self.

Every journey begins with the spirit of adventure, one step at a time.

The openness for new friendships along the way is the doorway of better future.

The magic of life can be found around the corner.. if we decide to do so.

During the process of painting, I felt specific state of wellbeing and joy as well.. After a while, I’ve noticed that intuitive painting ended up with specific vibration and colours of green grass, strong red, black and white on canvas, which reminds me of the flag of The Emirates (United Arab Emirates) and, here it is:

The Emirates Painting

~ Enjoy! Swav @paintingsbyswav (on twitter)

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9 thoughts on “The Emirates, Painting #Re-Blogging

  1. Beautiful painting, Swav. It certainly has yourself, in the way you create those thick swipes with your brush. Eye-catching work as usual. I agree with you we should go on each journey and forward step by step. That way, we can slow down, take in what’s around us, learn and most importantly, live in the moment 🙂

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    1. Thank you dear.. Some works are inspired by the nature, movement or flow.. This one was completely spontaneous with deep desire to express.. Pure river of life or inner fire. Keep well during your winter!

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        1. Radość życia może wypływać z serca.. pomimo wielkich wyzwań życiowych.. aczkolwiek łatwiej się to czasem pisze niż urzeczywistnia na codzień..

          Mama nadal w szpitalu, po kolejnej operacji.. walczy dziewczyna! mam nadzieje że wróci do życia..

          Odnośnie weny – czy robiłaś sobie kiedyś ‘wolne od pisania’ ?


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