The Sailor, Triptych No. 5 by Swav

It’s Friday again and this week’s photo challenge is: Trio.

I was thinking about uploading this triptych long time ago, but the time wasn’t working with me too well.. until this morning 🙂 Enjoy the story of this one.. It’s called: The Sailor.. and based on those three paintings below:

I never plan to create specific triptych and every single one is a gift.. of unique discovery about life, about the nature of things and flow as well..

Always remember! to enjoy your own adventure, the journey or whatever you call.. your life.. it might be a river, the ocean.. wildness or stillness.. dynamic or soft. Water or ice, fire or breeze of air or maybe..

All of them or something in between.

~ Enjoy, Swav


15 thoughts on “The Sailor, Triptych No. 5 by Swav

          1. z malowaniem jest chyba podobnie jak z pisaniem.. czuć i widać kreacje serca, wtedy tak jakoś radośnieje dookoła.. jakie są twoje odczucia odnośnie pisania.. wierszy, poematów ?


  1. Lovely trio of paintings. It is interesting to hear you name them the way you did too. From left to right, it seems that the paintings seem to move from chaos to organised chaos 🙂 Enjoy your own adventure…well said. Each adventure presents its own set of surprises, never really a dull moment if we slow down and take in the present and go at our own pace. Nice to see that’s your approach with your art…making sure the time is right. Hope you are well 🙂

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    1. adventure, journey or the storyline of each of us is different.. and most of the time, only we can understand our own chapter of life.. I like what you have said: from chaos to more organized chaos 🙂 or from over all picture to more precise steps to move on.. Have a good day! today, tomorrow, always 🙂 PS I’m getting better..

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