Follow Your Dreams, Painting No. 28 by Swav

When I think of this painting, it reminds me of everything we have inside as individuals to follow our authentic dreams. Especially the part of ourselves that is always ready for action, to move on and make changes in life.

The whole process of movement creation for each of us is different, and probably caused by natural preferences and abilities we were born with.

The qualities which are in common during realization process or plan of action from my perspective are: to have fun during the process, creating another steps as part of adventure, curiosity about what else is possible, acceptance of success and failure as part of learning process based on feedback from outside world or environment instead of one way judgement that close the doors of opportunity to improve strategy, and also spark in the eyes of inner self that loves exploring the world of possibilities.

One of the most important aspects for me is to flow on my own wave of ideas, plans and dreams, especially the ones that really resonate with who I am deep inside, and makes the whole journey so valuable for me, important for some reason that hesitation doesn’t exist at all.

Follow your dreams

Follow your Dreams Painting


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