The Ocean of Life, Painting No. 30 by Swav

Every once for a while I go through my sketches and notes from the previous years. I keep this kind of stuff for myself, especially ideas and concepts that I draw on a piece of paper, sometimes during a meet ups… typing this now puts a smile on my face and reminds me of many great adventures and friendships along the way…

This painting is about the meaning of life as a whole, or as the ocean as I perceive it myself. The goals, desires and dreams are like the drops of water into the ocean, or specific Islands reachable over the journey of life, going from one destination to another one…

When I think of it… I see the ocean of possibilities, without borders or templates for each single move forward, just pure endless space of choices to be made by what feels right inside the heart.

We all have different experiences in our backpack, over this life time, and also the previous ones, as many believe in. Some good memories, successes, life values lessons, great friendships, the deep connections, memories of love, pure joy of life, freedom of choice, integrity of ourselves and many more… and also the other memories including some unpleasant ones… but at the end or after a while, the meaning of each single one depends on our own choice… possibility to make one, change one or update one…

For me life is the journey, and I’m not surprised of so many concepts that I draw over the years with the oceans, islands and trajectories between the next steps forward…

The ocean also represent infinity of life’s energy, possibilities of directions and choices, which are only based on our own beliefs of what’s possible in current moment of time and space…

The Meaning, Painting No. 30 by Swav

5 thoughts on “The Ocean of Life, Painting No. 30 by Swav

    1. Great comment, I should call this painting spinning vinyls of life or 5 decks in action 🙂 Carl cox would be interested in this kind of challenge, I’ve seen him playing on 4 decks only, ages ago 🙂

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