Flow of Inspiration, Painting No. 3 by Swav

This painting was created by the spark of inspiration and specific flow of energy..

I experienced this flowing-ness during the process of creation. For me personally… it shows the rhythm of flowing water, waterfall for example with an orange yellowish colour, or a flow of energy between two poles of electromagnetic field of the same one-ness…

Overall picture or image of the message, captures the moment of… energy flows where the attention goes.

Have a great day.. Earth day for example 🙂

Earth, as well as walking on earth makes you feel grounded.. in balance or zero state.. especially on the sea side or mountains for example.. Thank you for another interesting perspective of the word ‘earth’ connected with ‘for example’

~ Swav @PaintingsbySwav (twitter)

*) This blog post is part of freeflow writing and play of words exercise ‘for example

Flow of Inspiration, Painting No. 3 by Swav

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