Trajectory of Trust, Painting No. 26 by Swav

I woke up early today, and traditionally went for a walk. Fresh breeze of air and songs of birds, makes morning walking so enjoyable and priceless… upss, there is one, you have to wake up as early as 4 or 5 AM to get experience of it 🙂

There is so much in nature to discover, at least for me, someone who used to live in urban locations for most of his life. I love the magic of big cities, especially my favourite ones, were’s so much going on 24/7… but also… I discovered my other side, a close connection to the nature, I started mountain walking, hiking and outdoor workouts instead of going to gym. It’s fun, pleasure, excitement and joy of adventure.

Sometimes… all we need to discover another part of our self that waits for us on the other side of the river or ocean of life is curiosity.

Curiosity for example, makes child so interested in opening the doors which is a kind of adventure, that basically creates all the drive itself to see what’s in there.

I painted this piece of art in the state of curiosity about life and deep state of adventure which is needed to discover the optimal way or trajectory of trust… to reach my biggest dreams, goals and desires of life, and then just let them flow with the river of my rainbow.

This painting for me is symbolic, which represent two sides of the ocean or stages of realisation process, a start point of where I am and finish point, where I want to be, the trajectory between two of them is based on trust to myself and genius of creation, which creates the optimal solutions along the way, and the rest for me is to surf on the wave of inspired action.

3 thoughts on “Trajectory of Trust, Painting No. 26 by Swav

  1. That’s a lovely painting, colorful and vibrant with energy.
    I too enjoy early morning walks a lot, but for me waking up early is a very hard price to pay. So i stay awake whole night 🙂


    1. Thanks Prav… Some people are early birds when some other ones are night owls… I mix both of them with acrylics during long painting sessions… Well, it’s all about fun isn’t it ? Cheers


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