Photo Journey of Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford

This week of photo challenge class on Friday is based on the theme: look up.

It’s interesting, when we look up above the clouds of daily activity or challenges and somehow.. end up with new perspective of seeing the world around. This point of reference is like the fresh breeze of air in the morning, which allows you to breath with the sense of optimism and ease as well. Some things, which used to bother us few moments ago are insignificant..

Looking up and down can also create specific skill of zooming in and out within the object of perception..

Look ‘up’ instead of ‘at’ the bright side of life.. to see another perspective, which is available to you, to me, to us now.

Enjoy your own ‘look-up’ and photo journey below of Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford in Ireland.

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (on twitter)

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