Harmony, Painting No. 24 by Swav

Last evening a couple of things happen simultaneously… First of all, I received a number of emails from friends and contacts about Harmonization Meetups this Friday: Harmonization Meetup this Friday at 8PM

It’s all started by itself a couple of days ago, from one idea here, another there, and spread out like a wave of intention.

It’s very interesting… How perfect correlation of events happens in different places around the globe in the same moment. It looks like a cloud of specific idea, thought and feeling… and moves without barriers and borders through the space and time.

I began to paint this piece of art in the mood of harmony, connection, friendship and the nature of flow…

I finished painting at 6 in the morning


Cheers from Ireland… Swav

Harmony, Painting No. 24 by Swav

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