New ideas from the storage container

It’s all started last Sunday when I decided to go ahead with my first cycling this year. I was missing this kind of activity since ages. I did’t pay much of my attention to cycling before, but now cycling became my #1 formula for fun, pleasure and enjoyment. Somehow riding a bike has got the new advantage over walking activity, which is one of my favourites too…

Cycling for me became another way of movement creation and flow of new ideas.

It’s funny… This bike for example since my last spin on it, has spent all those years at the corner of the storage container on the back of my parent’s house. Waiting patiently to be use again some day…

Three days ago, I’ve got the idea to bring him back to life again. Well, honestly at the very beginning I was searching online looking for a new bike with specific budget in mind. Then I went to the local shops, to search for these models and have found that they don’t do demo’s, so basically you have to buy the bike first and then see if suits your needs.

It’s strange but… When I get back in time to the memory of getting my first bike as a child. I remember the face of friendly man who used to sell those bicycles every Sunday Market. Those days was no problem at all with the demo’s. I could go for a spin, test specific one out, and then decide, which one I prefer the most. This way of approach to the new customer was standard.

The new idea is called Exchange Letters.

It came to me while cycling the other day, when I was thinking about something that we used to do with pleasure, and now in the digital era is forgotten by many. I’m talking about the letters, that we used to write and send it by post to our best friends or family members. Awaiting reply with curiosity and excitement.

Nowadays we write emails, articles, text messages or blog posts. The other thing which I have found in the container as well was the box with the letters I used to write with my best cousin when I was 10…

Oh my gosh… I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it, and just by opening it, the memories started to flow like the best melody ever. The adventures, outdoor activities, kids camps or sleeping in a tent… Wow, so magical moments, which we then discussed over the letter communication by post. Making sure to add some new post stamp on it, just for the craic (fun)

So much great memories went through my mind and that’s how Exchange Letters idea came to me.

If this sounds interesting to you… here are more details.

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