The Spirit of Communication by Exchange Letters

Hi guys… I have to share with you a few things about the spirit of communication and exchange letters initiative. As some of you know already, the movement of writing letters to foreign pen pals started spontaneously last July…

I’ve mentioned about it before and here are the rules of exchange letters.

I’ve noticed something interesting during the process of hand writing letters and awaiting reply… I currently exchanged letters with a friend from England and the biggest advantage of this old school communication is the spirit of itself… Well before the era of digital communication, most of the letters we used to write those days, especially with close friends or foreign pen pals… were written from the perspective of the heart.

Heart is not just the physical organ, but also has the function of specific connector between the physical and spiritual world. Heart is at the centre of the circle of life, the journey or the path, as I can call it from my perspective, and by connecting the physical aspect of life with the spiritual one, makes interpersonal communication more clear and fresh.

The moment you receive the letter by post, which has been sent from someone on the other side of the world, makes your natural curiosity instantly pops in.

It’s a wonderful feeling of close connection to the other human and spirit as well, who’s also on the journey of this life time…

I love it 🙂

PS Thanks ‘Max’ for the letter… I will reply to you soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Communication by Exchange Letters

  1. Ah, pen pals. I used to exchange hand-written letters with school pals many, many years ago…until one of us stopped writing back *sniff. But those are days that I will never forget. Agree with you there that something in us perks up instantly when we open a letter and see a handwritten message to us.

    Sitting down to write a letter to someone requires a lot of focus on our part, a lot of thinking of what we want to say and of course, a lot of thinking about the other person and how we want them to feel when they read our letter. I’m sure most of the time we mean well and wish others well in our letters. After all, most of the time we want the best for others 🙂


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