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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Pens and Pencils.

When was the last time you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc. — by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?

Writing is part of our daily life experience. The digital world, as I used to call it, is more about quick chat nowadays, on facebook or twitter for example, to make impression in very short period of time… or just to express what’s in your mind at the moment. Typing on keyboard is usually faster than hand writing, and also gives a feeling of flow, the flow of the message.

Hand writing with the use of pen, pencil or any other type of manual tool for writing and sketching is different. You take a deep breath before you start, because somehow you know that you won’t be able to use ‘delete’ button 🙂 and then, something magical is happening…

I felt in love to writing last summer during one of the classes of Blogging University, which was about writing. I bought myself a gift, a set of fountain pen and blue ink. I did a couple of tests with the use of different sheets of paper… and somehow ended up with two poems, written from the heart.

The best example of another perspective and deepness of communication by hand writing is Exchange Letters initiative, which I started a while ago from specific spark of energy and my heart’s desire of writing. During the last six months of time, I wrote the letters to a bunch of new friends and fellow bloggers around the world. Currently on my ‘writing map’ are the countries of Germany, England, Poland, Japan, United States and Hawaii Islands.

Hand writing from my perspective gives a feeling of close connection to the other human being. Writing a letter to your friend, colleague or loved one will always bring new dimension of communication. I wrote special letters of ‘Thank You’ incl. poems and deep quotes about life, but also some funny things and daily life activities, just for fun.

I received very deep letters from other side of the world, which basically changed the way I perceive life. It’s like re-connecting with someone, who’s very close to the way you feel inside your heart, or the view about the world and life as well. Similarity of the journey through life experiences or understandings, amaze me and create a big smile on my face…

Not every letter is funny, uplifting with plenty of good craic (fun) but there’s always a deep aspect of the story, that can make your heart smile. It’s like seeing sunshine during the heavy rain from the sky, while reading the letter about the lost. Heart has it’s own capacity of understanding any story that you can read or write, even to yourself…

Why not to take some time and write a special letter to yourself, for your next birthday ? No one else knows you better than you, so why not ? I’m just wondering about the right option of delivery of this kind of letter on time…

I’ve seen it done with perfect timing on ‘Back to The Future’ movie 🙂

PS I’d like to thank my dear friend and fellow blogger from UK for the best post card ever !

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  1. Hi Swav – this reminds me of pen-pals 🙂 I used to have pen-pals when I was growing up, and I would eagerly wait for mail to arrive at the house. The joy of receiving letters through post. Now it’s just bills! We don’t even send postcards or greeting cards anymore. Thanks for sharing this, I might actually take up on this initiative though I would hate to see my atrocious handwriting on paper now haha…


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    1. haha… handwriting need some practice for sure, I don’t even receive bills anymore, it’s all electronic, but since I discovered passion for writing and exchange letters, my mailbox is much happier…

      This blog post could also be called ‘for the love of pen pals’

      ~ Swav

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  2. Hy Swav, I came across you following blogging university and another Daily Prompt. Surprise for me: you live in Ireland (why I stumble upon Ireland at any time?). I blog mainly about Irish early history, but this doesn’t matter at the moment.
    Love your creativity.

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    1. haha… for the last few weeks I stumbled upon Iceland photos, especially northern lights, which got me thinking, and now I’m planning a trip over there for a bit of shooting, mostly landscape photography 🙂 and a good craic as well, as I guess… by the way creativity, from my perspective it’s connected with the feeling of the heart, and something that really vibrates with you, or your core self 🙂 will have a look on your blog later on… have to do 7k for my late lunch, Cheers


        1. Well, a friend of mine can’t go next month, so we are planning to reschedule the trip to Iceland for October, and somehow a new airline will connect Dublin and Reykiavik with direct flights, starting from June this year 🙂 and really interesting deals… It’s called wow air 🙂

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