Sunday catch up with myself, #mountain #walking

I’ve got an email yesterday with some kind of statement between the lines, that… I’m lucky to live here in Ireland, where the land is green most of the time during the year… and surrounded by the views, which can easily touch the heart and soul. I totally agree with this concept of perception, even today with -2 degrees celsius (°C) at the top of The Ridge Of Cappard in The Slieve Bloom Mountains.

Sunday’s are very special to me, because I can catch up with myself after all of the things that has happened during the week, and chill out after Saturday dancin’ as well 🙂 Walking or mountain walking is not a big deal, you just need a good pair of shoes and wanting desire to go out somewhere… to see the view, panorama or something interesting, which is just around the corner, so…

Let your curiosity flow while breathing through the lens of the photo set below… #mountain #walking #reward

~ Enjoy.

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26 thoughts on “Sunday catch up with myself, #mountain #walking

    1. Yes Lia, the first half of the day was mine, as you know we are not just ‘physical envelope’ that we are using on a daily basis, there are other aspects as well… then at late evening I had to catch up for dinner and in town centre for a symbolic pint of guinness… while typing this text, I have a big smile and open heart for the new week 🙂 Cheers

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        1. A fabulous new week to you as well :))) I’ve just noticed that Australian Open has started 10 min. ago 🙂 so will have to catch up with a friend for some tennis during the week 🙂 Juhuu…


      1. I spoke with a friend from Scotland, and looking forward to see him some time during the next month… there’s a big chance for the snow, especially in the mountains 🙂 you must be near London as I guess…


  1. Gorgeous landscape…which part exactly in Ireland? I had been to Ireland before in 2004 for 2 weeks, backpacking. Love the west coast especially Connemara 🙂

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    1. I live in the heart of Ireland and local Slieve Bloom mountains are reachable in 15 min. drive 🙂 Connemara is well known not just for walkers and trail lovers, but also runners and specific marathon event every year, the best part of it is slightly uphill, which can really test the strength of muscle fibres… I personelly love it 🙂 Cheers

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  2. Hi Swav, this looks like a lovely trail. You have taken some great shots. I especially love the openness of the top left photo and th ones of the tracks and snow. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Great reply to the prompt

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  3. This post brings back memories of a trip to Ireland ten years ago. (Oh, my, how did that happen???) We spent much time on the west coast and I took morning walks on the Dingle Peninsula and actually made friends with the dolphin who swam in Dingle Bay! I wonder – could he possibly still be there?

    Best to you, Renate


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