Weekly photo challenge: Depth

This week’s photo challenge of the daily post @ wordpress is: Depth… so have fun finding the depth of the photo set below 🙂

~ Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Depth

    1. I see the circle of life… the tree at the end of the tunnel on open space, then another tree used to let me cross the river, then yellow leaf on the ground from another tree, which will recycle the cycle of life and water at the end of the photo set… to clean out and wash away all the dirt from this part of the journey… the journey of life

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  1. Lovely set of photos for this week’s challenge. I like the sign-footprints one…depth of journey. Meaningful journey. There’s always something to cherish, experience and learn on each journey we go on 🙂

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    1. every one of us see the things through his own lenses… and some kind of habit, but sometimes is good to look at the journey from the end, backwards to see another story of the same path or trail 🙂 thanks for your comment…

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    1. at this point of mountain walking, you have to cross the river to follow the blue trail ‘path’ … this is the cross point of yellow path with blue one… which can bring you up to waterfall on the other side of the mountains 🙂


      1. Ahhh, that’s great it still works!

        I remember using these when i was young, in the Philippines to fetch water, except most of the ones i remember were red or black, and half the size.

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        1. this one on the photo above is part of the Irish heritage as I guess, so it’s quiet old… but as you know, in old days the quality of labour and also handmade stuff were top of the list… which can survive centuries easily 🙂

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