A postcard from Ireland No. 1 #bySwav

I created this postcard as part of ‘Act of Kindness’ initiative, which came to me yesterday with the flow of inspired action…

It’s simple as sending someone else a postcard for example, a letter to foreign pen pal, a bunch of flowers to your loved one, a book for a friend, a kiss from the heart or… anything hand made and hand written, which I prefer myself.

This is my postcard from Ireland, No. 1 which goes abroad tomorrow morning…

I you prefer digital way of kindness, you can always send an email, a photo or anything else that you can come up with…

Have a great, inspiring day!

~ Enjoy

#inspiration #actofkindness #initiative

9 thoughts on “A postcard from Ireland No. 1 #bySwav

  1. That is a beautiful postcard, Swav. Art crafted from the heart with lots of love. Very thoughtful of you. The world needs more kindness going round, and so glad to see you sharing the good feels around 🙂


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