Once a year, every year… #Happy #Birthday

I’d like to thank for all birthday wishes from the deepest part of my heart. It’s all started 9th of may in the pub right after midnight, with an apple pie custard, fresh cream and one symbolic candle…

I love all the gifts and cards received by post as well…

~ Thank you, thank you, thank you…

#37 #happy #birthday

16 thoughts on “Once a year, every year… #Happy #Birthday

          1. Sí tienes razón, el viaje con las pinturas es una cosa, pero el viaje como un día de fiesta con Betty es otra cosa … Cuando voy para las vacaciones, por lo general soy fuera de línea … No te entiendo con claridad, porque yo tener que traducir del español al inglés Saludos 🙂


  1. Happy Birthday, Swav. That apple pie custard sounds delicious, what a way to celebrate. It’s was my birthday too this month, month of birthday seasons it seems. Hope you have a lovely year ahead, best wishes.


    1. Thank you… and happy belated birthday to you, may as a month is very special not just for us, but also for birds… they sing intuitively well during this month of the year, I hope that my year and your year and our years here on earth will start to shine as a pole star with joy, compassion and love, best wishes.

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  2. Hi Swav, happy belated birthday! Glad to read that you had a good time 🙂 Btw, I received your postcard, thank you so much! Are you ok if I feature the pic of the postcard on my blog and link it to your blog? So that folks out there are aware of your brilliant idea of writing & exchanging letters?


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