Waikiki Beach of Oahu Island, Hawaii

I was waiting for this photographic print out about a week, which finally arrived this morning by the post. Inside the long tube from the Netherlands was the picture of Waikiki Beach by George Oze…

I’ve just opened this up and saw this amazing photo, which I can’t stop looking at… I’ve got it from all posters website and have to say… Wow

Is anyone of you have been there already ? or was surfing on Waikiki Beach ?


waikiki beach, oahu island, hawaii
waikiki beach, oahu island, hawaii

7 thoughts on “Waikiki Beach of Oahu Island, Hawaii

  1. I live on Oahu and about a minute from Makaha Surfing Beach. In the past I’ve worked in Waikiki and the atmosphere is always electrifying. Unfortunately the beach is so crowded now, but it still is beautiful. Most of my photos are of the beaches here on Oahu or of surfers. The ocean is my constant companion 🙂

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  2. I’ve seen your photos already… I love the ones from ‘in love with the big blue’ photo album. They match perfectly some of the lyrics of brother Iz about Hawaii’s, at least from my perspective 🙂


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