The Dancer, Triptych No. 3 by Swav

I was planning to publish this triptych a while ago, especially because of the number of emails, which I received last week. They seems to be so different in stories and themes of life, but also with one thing in common… the inspiration. A few of them were from the other fellow bloggers, and connected to different initiatives started from the heart.

I will make a special page on this blog for fresh ideas, initiatives, movements and projects, which are worthwhile to spread the word around… as soon as I learn some html 😉

I am amazed of the strong position of blogging community around the world, especially from the perspective of the power of that voice, which makes us publish the content we share with each other in very specific way.

This triptych is very special to me, because all of its paintings were created during the same week of February. It was my holiday and also the very first week of my blogging journey @ Paintings by Swav. Wow… I’ve just checked some of the first blog posts and noticed a lot of inspiration for myself…

Did you ever went through some of your first blog posts, just to see the spark of inspiration, you had and I hope you still have inside.

It doesn’t matter if you are blogger or not, we all have the same need of inspiration, the energy that moves us forward, or above the clouds of writing blockage.

I called this triptych ” The Dancer ” because the number of values and positive energy inside them, can re-spark the energy of inspiration… and then whatever we do in life, or whatever we believe in life is on the right track of the brighter future.

Here are the links to paintings:

The first painting was created in the state of deep joy of life… the second one in the mood of love, while watching the sunset… and the third one in the great atmosphere of dance, so…

Let’s have some dance over the weekend and see you next Friday..

~ Enjoy, Swav @PaintingsbySwav

The Dancer, Triptych No. 3 by Swav - wide panoramic


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  1. […] Life is joy within the play of consciousness or the construct of mind.. and whenever the mind is calm and non judgemental the things or events around you.. seems to happen simultaneously and spontaneously.. It’s like the magic of synchronized universe, which plays the song for you.. but you have to choose, if you want to be the dancer. […]


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