Today’s assignment: Edit your title and tagline

Today’s assignment of Blogging 101 is connected to the reason of ‘ Why do you blog ‘ and  ‘ What’s your title and tagline are saying about you and your blog ‘ Hmm… I never thought about it before, so now is the time to do so 🙂

I created this blog spontaneously… One day of February I went for the trip to the mountains to do some hiking, I thought about many things, but mostly about my latest discovery of life’s passion which is painting… I became inspired to create a blog on the way back home, so I typed ‘ create a blog ‘ and wordpress showed up at the top of first page of google.

I went for a free blog option at the beginning, and then added domain name of and upgraded to Premium account, because of customization option and no adds as well.

I was publishing my posts just for fun, whenever I felt inspired to do so… I wrote some number of posts during the day and some during the night… I did some writing on the beach as well, as part of Writing 101 challenge of Blogging University. I discovered that the time of publishing the post is the same important as the feeling and inspiration which created it at first place.

It’s funny that I created my first blog on WordPress about 7 or 8 years ago, but I wasn’t using it at all… This one is different, because the idea of it came from the heart and inspired action.

My title will stay the same: Paintings by Swav

I’m thinking about the change of tagline, to give readers more clear message, so if you have any ideas feel free to comment below 🙂

My painting, blogging and writing was going hand by hand as the best friends that are going out together on fridays. This journey over the last few months has brough me discovery of my own painting style, first collection of 36 paintings, which I created before my 36th birthday, the idea to write my first book and two other continuations, a few small painting workshops and painting meet ups with friends, which were always great craic (fun), enjoyment and fantastic conversations…

Other things that sparked up along the way are, Exchange Letters, I Love Mondays, Writing on the Wall workshop and the idea to make 8th of August an International day of fun