Life is the Journey

It’s interesting… How amazing every week is… every 7 days, a new one with different matters, intentions, discoveries, sometimes challenges that takes many forms… pleasures and fun, deep thoughts and normal conversations, planned meet ups and spontaneous catch ups. All varieties, all forms and seasons of life…

I was asked yesterday a couple of interesting questions, and somehow my answers were exactly the same, even in different contexts of those questions… First man asked… How do you keep your energy so high ? then, another man asked… How do you stay so focused? then, a woman asked… How do you keep so much flow in what you do, it seems to flow like a river, smoothly and effortlessly? and the last question was… How do you keep your mood, so sparked and sunny?  It’s rainy and windy outside…

Well… not every day is a sunshine, especially in Ireland or Scotland, but… I do my best to be at my best.

Sometimes, I go with the flow of inspiration when it comes… other times, I feel and somehow notice the right time for training of body, mind and spirit. Some other times… particular skill or ability needs to be upgraded, improved or re-evaluated, so I prepare myself and welcome this kind of training also… when another times, I simply improvise and trust in the whole process of change, trusting myself to come up with perfect ideas, solutions and answers to whatever I’m dealing with…

Over the rainy days, sometimes the best I can do is to put a smile on my face and carry on… as part of the training, still trusting myself that, there must be some valuable knowledge along that path way… an information that clears out the sky, brings the spark in the eyes of wanted discoveries and keep the spirit high.

Every moment of time, situation or circumstances can be used as an impact to self growth and discovery of what else is possible. It’s all about choice…

I welcome sunny days and, I welcome rainy days… with a big smile on my face and warm feeling inside. They all comes as different parts of this journey, through this lifetime.


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