The beauty of life

For me the beauty of life is life as a whole, the process of self discovery, going through seasons of understandings, learning of how to go with the flow… simply saying to know myself better.

I know that we could publish thousands of pages of how bad life is, or how evil the world is about to become, but… why not goes the other way ? or even some another way around, from down to up, from back to front and from backward forward for example.

I learned the importance of  change to focus my attention and energy towards what is important to me and what feels right to me from the perspective of my heart.

Some goals in life comes from the need of mind or consciousness, some from the soul or spirit and some from the fundamental needs of change. They have different characteristics and vibration for me at least, it’s my own preference as I guess. I know which ones are which, and most of the times I know exactly, what kind of action is needed to follow on.

Took me some time to learn more about myself, but was well worth it. During the way… I discovered my own preferences, natural abilities, skills and unique style.

I had a time when I tried to be somebody, to act like someone else, to do like someone else… someone similar to a copy or print out which is just black and white… which didn’t work out for me well, and I had to go through some hardship in life, to find my own colours (or colors, depend on which side of the ocean you are reading this from) discover natural abilities I was born with and to built a new set of skills.

This takes time, require patience, hope and trust, also trust in the process of change, which was a mile stone for me to understand and to move on in life.

Each of us is different and has a preference of one particular color (or colour) and ability…

I wish you a day full of discoveries…