Crafted with passion in the Boyne Valley

Thursday 28, April 2016

I’ve just visited Drogheda town were I used to live.. I have not been there for a long time.. Co. Louth as a location always reminds me of something, which is important.. but not easy to accept at some stage of life. As we all know.. Life or the journey of life has it’s own ups and downs. We might wish for successful realization of the project, an idea, that spark up the whole world around us.. but honestly speaking the road to making your dreams come true is not stable or straight at all.. and more like surfing on the wave of ocean with possibilities.

At times we might find life as a difficult one, but it’s all the part of play or learning process.. to know yourself better.

Every single task, activity or specific process is based on start point, continuation and finish.. and then whichever is next..

I was looking for an answer at one stage of life, before heading to America.. I could not find the word or the meaning of some internal understanding, which appeared to me spontaneously.. and then I came across interesting symbol, which.. I’m sure you can find in many places around this Emerald Island.

The symbol inspired by ancient Irish history and not associated with any one religion or denomination..

The 3-stranded spirals represents the interconnected cycle of life-birth, life and death.. In my own understanding shows: The start point of an idea, project or startup.. continuation, the change process.. and finish as well, the end of it or another chapter to move on..

so, What’s the point you might ask yourself? Well..

I decided to blog post about Boann Distillery because..

I’ve seen the same place in 3 different stages of development, during the number of years..

I’ve seen an empty field of possibilities.. and then.. a brand new Toyota garage, which was flying very well for years until recession.. then we’ve seen it’s closure, same as many other places around the country.. A specific waiting time or a queue.. When you see the same building empty, unused and left over because of the time of change.

Same place, same location a while ago.. As a rising phoenix.. became a brand new project and venture which started with the spark of idea in mind, the spark of hope and adventure..

Reminds me about 3 stages of development and cycles of life, so.. keep hope and faith in your own spark of joy, creativity and possibilities.

~ Swav @PaintingsbySwav

*) I posed this as part of #ActOfKindness initiative,

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  1. Thanks a lot.. as you know already, blogging is not so easy field of development.. but approached from the right angle of the voice.. your own voice, which is behind the content, story or agenda will do the magic..


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