Marketing with the wings of mythical phoenix

I discovered the magic of #twitter 2 years ago.. with the spark of curiosity. Well, to be honest.. One day, while driving back home.. I bought myself Curiosity Cola.. which used to be available in Tesco Extra stores in Ireland, one of the very few organic ones on the market..

And then #twitting and engagement on social media became fun and enjoyment, while drinking organic way of cola.. I must find the picture of it! Gives a feeling of good buzz and fun as well..

When I look at the initiative or idea behind success of #hour hash tag on twitter, I see simplicity and enjoyment #linkedin together. The community, which is growing and changing the shape, because as we all know the things are coming and going.. So far #dublinhour #belfasthour #wexfordhour and #galwayhour are flying well above the sky of Emerald Island, while at the same time..

Many other #hour hash tags were unsuccessful, #londonhour for example..

The thing is.. based on attitude and mentality of specific region, which puts a smile on my face big time. Irish mindset and attitude towards achievement or business oriented mentality is based on successful connection and plenty of good craic as well..

When you say an Irish Pub.. everywhere around the planet, it’s linked in the memory of great atmosphere, drinking, singing or even Irish dancing. The night of fun and pleasurable memories to cheer up the day of tomorrow, have fun with it or basically.. enjoyment of nice pint of Guinness.

The genius behind an #hour meetups on twitter all around the country, usually between 9 and 10 PM is connected to another dimension of marketing..

I would not call it multi-level one.. but definitely multi-dimensional one.

The one, which is based on trust.. The word of mouth and connection between strangers or first timers executed at the level of trustable invitation and big welcome. We all know that Ireland is very small compared to other countries, but the spirit of open heart is like nowhere else and..

That’s why the joy of twitting is possible on this tiny little Island with some big wings around it.. as kind of red-bull effect on it, but more likely.. based on pure Guinness horse power.

Enjoy your marketing with the wings of mythical phoenix.

~ Enjoy your day! Swav @paintingsbyswav

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