Weekly photo challenge: Abstract

Abstract – as the word by itself, might represent another meaning of something which you can think of now. The other aspect of it is untouchable subject, which is in the air of non physical way or movement. Abstract is more metaphysical and symbolic instead of materialistic way of expression. The structure of the message will be more like a .zip or .rar file – compressed structure of whatever you want to say in one sentence. It’s not just the chapter but a whole book in one picture for example.. The view of picture with the right angle or even a sound with the tone of voice directing towards the message.

Abstract way of expression through painting or artistic work is like taking the message which is up there somewhere (heaven).. and taking it down here (earth) with the shape, colours and multidimensional aspect of the art. Good painter or artist is able to go both ways, I mean from the abstract.. down here and also.. from detailed, well grounded message to the symbolic meaning of it (chunk down – and – chunk up).

Abstract is the language of symbols and unconscious representation. Metaphorically speaking, this type of language as a channel of communication is going through specific understanding of the world by the lens of the camera. In cinema for example, more detailed form of expression would be on the side were the projector is, including the man behind the camera.. while an abstract or symbolic form will be on the screen, as a kind of movie or picture.

As an artist,

I could take your message.. or a company motto and put it down on canvas in the form of abstract expression (symbolic meaning of it)

Every once for a while with the wave of inspiration I end up with unexpected triptychs.. which I’m not planning to do the way they are..

It’s fun and joy as well to see them happen spontaneously..

~ Enjoy your evening, night or day! Wherever you are at the moment, Swav @PaintingsbySwav

P.S. I’ve just noticed: Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com blogging platform.. I’ve registered my first blog 9 years ago – time flies.. The chocolate and happy abstract message is for you as well. Keep up the good blogging folks!

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  1. Love how you equate abstract to zip and raw files, Swav. There could be so many stories and discoveries behind something so abstract to the eye. Congrats on 9 years of blogging. What a milestone 🙂

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