The magic of Emerald Island

Wednesday 27, April 2016,

I’ve seen the magic of Emerald Island today.. in every day kindness and smile as well, which started on #twitter this morning.

Today was my day off, so I decided to go for a beach even with this chilly weather. The weather has changed during the day a couple of times, but overall.. it was a very beautiful day.

The day which you can share with someone close to your heart.. a friend or soul mate for example. I do my best to switch off from the whole story of Hospital and my mom on intensive care unit.. 7 weeks this Friday.. but some days is not so easy. We have the things to do, projects that needs to be managed or.. a list of tasks with ‘asap’ label on it.

It’s hard, tough.. When your mind is wondering about something that bothers you.. something, which touches your heart, soul and spirit.. your deepest self, with the question of

What if.. what if then..

You freeze or stop in some kind of stillness, which doesn’t come from the mind itself.. It’s a soul thing, a heart beat, the rhythm of which you see, feel and recognize yourself in the world around you another way.. The perspective change when the vision of world is blurred.. You seek solution, an option of which to see the hope again.. The spark of joy, which you remember from the past.. last week, last month.. makes no different at all.. You just.. sometimes awaiting or not.. a phone call, the message of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’

A metaphor.. Today is a gift!

” Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift.. That is why it’s called the Present..”

You do your best, with all you have.. You share the joy, a smile.. an act of kindness and then everything is changed..

You see the colours again.. you smile or go for a walk.. on the beach or nearby your house. It’s different, colourful, joyful and still as well..

The movement of which you start to dance.. your own dance of life again.

I’d like to wish you an amazing#ActOfKindness day.. today, tomorrow, always!

~ Swav @PaintingsbySwav

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