The landscape of future past

This blog post is called: The landscape of future past, because..

I decided to connect two of weekly photo challenges: Landscape and Future.

I spent the last few weeks with my mom on intensive care unit of St. James Hospital in Dublin.. Life is unpredictable and has it’s own time frame of agenda for us. The chapters of which.. we can learn something and see another perspective of whatever is going on.. The challenges or events are different along the way.. The attitude of optimistic perspective is well tested on myself now.. I can’t find the answer yet.. which I could share with you here, but the silence and stillness might speak out more powerfully than thousands of words.

What is the lesson ? What kind of discovery is in the experience ? How this will change me, myself and I ?

I don’t know yet.. but I have to keep faith and hope as well.. or at least do my best to re-spark the source of being deep down within.

Have a great day, evening or night out there!

~ Enjoy life while it lasts, Swav @paintingsbyswav


5 thoughts on “The landscape of future past

    1. Thank you dear. It’s a time of deep reflections, which are not so easy to explain with the use of words.. The bus is very funky.. especially for tourists! Cheers


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