Weekly photo challenge: Harmony

Last night the whole.. Photo challenge location @wordpressdotcom wasn’t available and fixed this morning..

Interestingly enough the challenge of this week is: Harmony.. which got me thinking about the meaning of harmony and it’s application in our life on a daily basis.

I went through 11 different blogs to find out different perspectives, even if my mind says no to it or can’t see the value of it at the very beginning of looking through the lens of the author. It’s a challenge to change perspective to see the value of it.

Here are the links and also interesting thoughts, feelings and awareness about harmony in variety ways of expression:

  • @msdiplomacy .. your photo gives a feeling of hot, warm air.. it’s like waiting for the sun goes down.. interesting perspective,
  • @ilenapartenie .. yellow is the main colour on your photo.. gives a feeling of calmness and stillness.. very interesting message by the overall feeling of it.. drop everything on the floor/ground level.. that doesn’t support yourself in direction you are heading to,
  • @syllabubsea .. when I looked at this picture first.. I felt over energized and irritated.. it’s like to much for myself, but then I kept looking and noticed the flow of harmony in chaos world we are living now..
  • @piecesofstarlight .. very interesting statement.. ” the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole “.. which got me thinking about harmony, and also the meaning connected with it.. thank you for your expression through this picture,
  • @stenoodie .. In order to play a beautiful tune, you yourself need to be harmonized with the instrument and with yourself.  If yourself is not in tune, everybody will be able to hear it.  The melody will not flow and it will sound jagged.  I think it is so important for all of us to be in tune with our inner selves and body,
  • @stupidityhole .. it’s a kind of strange expression of harmony, but on the other side.. spider became the master of usability and takes advantage of environment around him.. instead of perspective of an obstacle..
  • @debsworld .. It’s not so much the harmony in the view.. or the early morning light.. or the fresh crisp air.. after the storm last night… It’s the way I felt at the time.. The harmony of being ‘me’ again.. of getting myself back.. and letting go..
  • @anthropologist .. the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” So here are three attempts to illustrate the quality: the first two are examples of harmonies of color. The last is an example of harmony of shape.
  • @polymathically .. calmness is all I can feel, while breathing through the lens of the image.. very peaceful..
  • @mukhamani .. calmness in the morning.. and the river of which all sorrows or pain.. became peace in one whole self..
  • @atrivialmindatwork .. perfect spot for watching the river of life.. flowing peacefully with joy..

Enjoy the shape of harmony in your own way of understanding.

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav

PS We’ve got a bit of snow last night, so feel the magic of it..


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    1. thank you dear.. paintings and creation of ideas.. came to my life unexpectedly, as kind of gift for myself from within.. I’m glad that you like it.


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